Paul Crouch Announces the Launch of iTBN!

iTBN is inspiring people in 137 different countries to click play.

Part of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s (TBN) ongoing effort to offer viewers a comprehensive “multi-screen television environment,” iTBN is one of the most exciting and innovative technologies TBN has ever embraced. The next revolution in television viewing, iTBN is a quantum leap forward in viewer-controlled programming.

Since its launch five days ago, over 9,000 hours of iTBN programming was viewed in North America alone. From the Netherlands to Saudi Arabia, iTBN viewers have tuned in from137 countries to choose from decades of television programming.

iTBN offers current TBN programming as well as content from its long and rich broadcast past.

“Creating iTBN involved putting thirty-eight years of TBN content onto the new site so it could be viewed on demand,” says Paul Crouch Jr., TBN’s chief of staff. “Thousands of hours of old video tapes and programs, old praise programs with people who’ve now been promoted to heaven…much of it is as relevant today as it was thirty years ago.”

Nearly 10,000 hours of TBN programs are currently available via the new iTBN online service. A faith-based, Christian content version similar to, iTBN provides a “TV Everywhere” experience for viewers via a downloadable application onto a variety of smartphones, iPads, and computer screens.

The TBN app for smart phones and mobile devices makes iTBN a veritable portable web library of Christian programming…past and present.

“iTBN was specifically created so the message of the Bible is accessible 24 hours per day, on whatever device people use and whenever people need it,” says Crouch.

The beauty of iTBN is its search ability. If a viewer wants to watch a show about salvation, the Holy Spirit, Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, or whatever, it can be immediately searched out and watched. Out of this extensive database of programs, viewers can choose whatever they wish, whenever they wish to watch it.

TBN’s most popular networks can now be watched in real time, making Christian programming more accessible to the increasing numbers of viewers who spend less of their time watching traditional television and more of their time online.

Among the broadcast treasure trove to which viewers have free access 24-7 through iTBN are TBN Classics, timeless, exclusive TBN programs that audiences have enjoyed for decades; Popular Documentaries, thought-provoking shows among TBN’s most requested programming; Educational and Children’s Programs, entertaining and uplifting shows for the entire family; and Movies, big-screen favorites that have helped make TBN a leader in quality Christian and family-friendly films.

iTBN also includes on-demand programming for teens, Christian music shows, and a whole lot more. iTBN enables viewers to watch clips of specific speakers, authors, musicians, and others who have appeared on TBN programs, as well as to search for programs on specific faith issues they are interested in knowing more about.

The new iTBN online service also gives viewers instant access to TBN’s most watched networks: TBN’s flagship network, the Church Channel, JCTV, Smile of a Child, Enlace USA, Nejat TV in Farsi, and the Arabic-language Healing Channel.

“The message of the gospel never changes, but the technology and the way it’s presented does, and should evolve as we have the need to reach more people for the Lord,” says Crouch. “This is the bottom line.”

Paul Crouch Jr., to Host Harvest Crusade

Paul Crouch Jr., confirmed that the network will be airing “The ‘Los Angeles’ Harvest Crusade with Pastor Greg Laurie, held at Dodger Stadium” on Saturday evening – just one day before the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

TBN Chief of Staff Paul Crouch, Jr. will serve as the host for the event that is slated to premier on TBN’s flagship production “Praise The Lord” show on Monday evening and re-airing on Tuesday afternoon.

Broadcast Schedule: This special “Praise the Lord” hosted by Paul Crouch Jr. will broadcast “The ‘Los Angeles’ Harvest Crusade at Dodger stadium with Greg Laurie” on Monday at 7 p.m. Pacific Time. The program will re-air on Tuesday at 2 p.m. Pacific Time, and will be archived for 30 days at

“We’re honored by the invitation and the opportunity to bring the gospel message of hope and healing to the world as people recall the 10th anniversary of 9/11,” Crouch said.

Laurie, senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Calif. — one of the largest churches in the United States — will address issues of suffering, mortality and forgiveness in a talk entitled, “Why Tragedy?”

“The message of hope that will be presented at the Harvest outreach at Dodger Stadium is for everyone, from gangbangers to corporate CEOs, and from atheists to the devoutly religious,” Laurie said. “The message of the gospel is especially appropriate during a weekend that will commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11 since it’s a weekend when people are reminded of their own mortality and are seeking answers about why terrible things happen in the world.”

Update on Dr. Paul Crouch

Dr. Paul Crouch is doing much better today. Can you imagine! He is 77 years old and works fulltime. He’s in the studio every day and just doesn’t slow down. His passion is TBN, and fulfilling the call of God on his life. So much so, that he needed to slow down just a tad! He’s taken a few days to rest, and build up his strength. Thank you for the hundreds of well wishes that people have been leaving for Dr. Crouch on his Facebook page, and his blogs. ALL these comments will be printed out for him. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Paul Crouch – TBN Founder, Wants To Hear From You…

When we started this amazing journey nearly forty years ago, we had little idea that one day TBN’s influence would span the globe with 24-hour faith and family broadcasting, but we knew we were pioneers of sorts, and we felt a responsibility to use all the resources at our command to bring our growing audience the very best in inspirational, religious, and family-friendly programming.

Today across America and around the world, TBN stands for the finest in faith-and-family television. We are currently ranked as the third largest television broadcast group in America, and TBN reaches every major continent via 70 satellites and more than 18,000 television and cable affiliates worldwide. None of this would be possible without God’s leading, favor and protection over all these years.

TBN’s mission statement is to ‘Take the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world”. We work every day to fulfill this calling. TBN is made possible by the support and prayers of our partners and friends. We cannot do our job without the support of people all around the world. Thank you TBN partners for supporting us as we continue to fulfill our calling to expand TBN’s coverage around the world. Thank You!

Paul Crouch Talks About TBN’s Digital Advances:

“It started way back in 1973 with one low-power television station in Southern California,” recalled TBN’s Chief of Staff Paul Crouch Jr. “And in the nearly 40 years since then we’ve grown into the world’s largest religious broadcaster and most requested Christian network, reaching literally every corner of the earth.”

Click here for more information on getting all of TBN’s channels on your mobile devices.

With more and more people accessing programs and video through their mobile devices and smart phones, in the spring of 2010 TBN introduced an exciting new app. for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, giving users access to all of its 24-hour inspirational channels, including TBN’s flagship network, the Church Channel, the JCTV youth network, Smile of a Child kids network, TBN Enlace USA Spanish language network, the Arabic language Healing Channel, and Nejat TV in Farsi.

“We had such an overwhelming response to this revolutionary viewing option that we quickly followed up by adding live viewing capabilities for smart phones like the Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile,” said Crouch. “That means smart phone users can now view all of TBN’s networks 24 hours a day, and can even access archives of our most popular programs.”

Crouch noted that in the U.S. alone, TBN has over 81,380,000 cable and satellite subscribers, not to mention the 27 million households it reaches via traditional broadcast. “All told,” said Crouch, “we’re reaching nearly 102,665,000 households every day with wholesome, entertaining, and uplifting programming for the whole family.”

But broadcast is just the starting point for tuning in to all TBN has to offer. “Years ago we realized that computer and digital technology would revolutionize the way individuals view their favorite programs, movies, news, and other video content,” said Crouch. “That’s why we were one of the first networks to offer streaming video on our sites, and today viewers just about anywhere in the world can log on to our Homepage and watch TBN 24 Hours a Day in real time.”

Offering its networks to viewers via cell phones and mobile devices is part of a larger TBN strategy of using the latest technologies and most popular social networking applications to make inspirational programming accessible and relevant to the increasing numbers of viewers spending less time watching traditional TV and more time online. “There is a whole segment of young adults today who not only want the ability to watch their favorite shows from their iPhones and mobile devices, but they’re also keyed in to the added dimension of becoming part of the broadcast experience through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Skype,” noted Crouch. “During programs like TBN’s daily Behind the Scenes, viewers are actually sending in real-time comments and feedback through Twitter and Facebook, and we’re using Skype for live-feed broadcasts and on-the-scene updates.”